Our Photo Gallery

When we find out where our visitors are from, it's been a Country Cottage tradition for years to place a pin in our wall map.Guests from all over the world leave us notes.  Here are a couple from Melbourne, Australia and Suffolk, England.The people who make The Country Cottage what it is:  Sharika, Phylicia, Tamy, Neece, Eric, Barbara and LewisThe owner-operators of Country Cottage - Mike and Bonnie EdwardsOur new locationA cascading fountain greets all our customersThe kids just love our goldfish pond.  There's a coy in there as long as your forearm!Large bar areaDaily buffet for those on the goOur main dining areaOur clean kitchen.  Our gift shopJellies and Salsa for saleMisc. goods for saleMiniatures for saleOur meeting room comfortably seats over 100 guestsWashing up after a long day at the Cottage.